No talk, All action!

Hello, World!


We’re so happy to introduce the very first Startup Weekend Transmedia – which will be held in San Francisco on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

We challenge storytellers, hackers, videographers, developers, producers, game designers, makers, journalists, marketers, creatives and technologists from all backgrounds, to come build multi-platform, immersive experiences  over the course of a weekend. No matter what your skill or talent is, bring it and craft richer stories together!


Did you ever dream of building augmented stories? Of helping storytellers bring their ideas to reality through technology? Of designing your own low-fi alternate reality game? Of finding innovative tricks to engage your audience through sticky and immersive experiences? Did the idea ever tickle your mind to hack your neighbor’s TV set,  build a “choose your own adventure” app for film producers, or embed augmented reality technology into movie theaters? Did you ever want to bring your favorite characters to life outside of their TV screen?

Join us for Startup Weekend Transmedia and shape tomorrow’s stories!  Over 54hours, you’ll design and prototype immersive experiences with fellow talented  creative technologists . You’ll meet new people, discover complementary skills, prototype experiences situated in the physical world, play with cutting edge tools and techniques, you’ll get a chance to pick the brains of high-level coaches and get your project reviewed by our amazing judges.

May I ask?

At Startup Weekend Transmedia, we are bringing the tech culture of collaboration, hacking and prototyping to the creative and media industries. We’ll be using transmedia techniques, storytelling tools, production software and new media platforms to build multi-platform stories and immersive experiences. No Talk, All Action!

Transmedia SF

This weekend is brought to you by Transmedia SF, a community of Bay Area storytellers, creatives and technologists who explore transmedia and other innovative forms of storytelling. Transmedia SF aims at making the Bay Area a center of transmedia education, production and development. Follow them if you want to discover more about the wide wide world of transmedia.

When, where, how?

Stay tuned! Registrations will be opened in early January.

PARISOMAThis event will be hosted by PARISOMA – a coworking space where ideas meet execution. PARISOMA cultivates an experimental environment though Coworking, Education and Events.

Speaking of Education, Startup Weekend Transmedia will also be running 3 specific workshops for the ultimate Transmedia Bootcamp to get up to speed prior to the event.

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