How to build prototypes for films ? Interview with our coach Peter Katz


Hi Startup Weekend friends! Please meet our amazing coach Peter Katz! As you know, this event is about creating prototypes for multi-platform experiences, in 54 hours. If you’re wondering what this entails, you’ve got help. Peter is coming all the way from Hollywood to coach on how to build film prototypes.

Peter Katz is a notorious, award winning film producer, radio host and transmedia aficionado, who developed the concept of “film prototyping” – a technique to make low budget, high quality film pilots that can easily be shared online, on multiple platforms. This allows you to share your vision, communicate your ideas about the film you want to sell to distributors, create buzz, and measure audience engagement – with a simple prototype. Using this technique, Peter and Don Le released Already Gone, a film pilot that got a lot of attention, and solid press coverage from Wired and others. Here’s Already Gone’s Facebook page.

Short interview with Peter:

SWtransmedia: What is a film prototype?
Peter Katz: A film prototype is the minimum viable product for directors to effectively communicate their vision for a movie.

SWtransmedia: How is this helpful to get customer/audience validation?
Peter Katz: Analytics tools on social networks allow filmmakers to know which audience likes their content, influencing how they should market their feature film…

SWtransmedia: And bringing this web practice to the industry of cinema production. But how is this useful in the context of transmedia stories or experiences?
Peter Katz: Film prototypes are the perfect entry point to transport viewers into a transmedia storyworld because they can be quickly consumed, have the potential to reach many viewers, and get them to migrate to other platforms.


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