Interactive video editing for everyone


Wondering how you are going to create your interactive video? FlixMaster is thrilled to be part of our toolbox. They hope to excite some of the forward thinking storytellers to create the interactive experience that get’s the country buzzing about the future of online video.

Basho from FlixMaster answered our questions for you to learn more about them and their amazing tool.

SWTransmedia: Can you tell us a little bit about FlixMaster founders?

Basho: Erika has always been passionate about telling stories. She owned an Emmy award winning video production company in the Bay area and worked for over 10 years in the industry; but at some point she started to wonder why online video, despite its rapid growth, really wasn’t taking advantage of what the internet does best—interactivity.
Meanwhile, Cameron McCaddon, Sr. Managing Game Designer at Namco Networks was dreaming of ways he could combine video with the interactive, social elements already pioneered in the gaming industry.
Together, Erika and Cameron founded FlixMaster, with the goal of bringing enhanced interactivity and “branching” to online video. Over the last year, they have teamed up with some incredibly-talented individuals to make this dream a reality.

SWTransmedia: What is the vision behind Flixmaster?

Basho: FlixMaster is a game-changing online interactive video creation/production platform that is about to transform the way everyone experiences online video forever. A cloud-based software platform, FlixMaster enables anyone to easily build and publish dynamic, participatory, interactive videos for free. FlixMaster will be the driving force behind the evolution of online video from a passive to active and engaging experience. Soon interactive video will power your entertainment sites, your online shopping experiences and even your customer service engagements.

SWTransmedia: Video is one of the most popular formats online. However, it is still dominantly linear. How is FlixMaster disrupting this space?

Basho: FlixMaster makes it drag-and-drop easy for anyone to create an interactive video in minutes. We take all of the technical challenges out of building interactive videos so content creators can focus on storytelling.

SWTransmedia: Can you tell us more about the technology behind FlixMaster?

Basho: FlixMaster is a cloud-based web app—an easy to use branching video editor with a powerful player API for advanced functionality.

SWTransmedia: Who can typically use FlixMaster?

Basho: Any content producer interested in adding interactivity to storytelling would love FlixMaster. This includes agencies, storytellers, e-retail companies, entertainment companies, nonprofits, communications departments, customer service departments – the opportunities are really infinite.

SWTransmedia: How do you see Flixmaster fit into a transmedia story or project?

Basho: FlixMaster is the best platform for easily transforming regular video into an interactive, choose your adventure project that leverages the full power of the web. Using the player API, choices in the video story itself can drive changes to the surrounding website, making projects multi-dimensional and supremely engaging.

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